Storylines enables you to share and celebrate stories of history, culture and success. Whether you’re a community member, an educator, a student, or represent an organisation, Storylines is your place to come together, build connections and share your stories. Storylines is a free resource provided by the Burraga Foundation.

Connect with your community and be inspired!

There are hundreds of community sites on the Storylines platform and growing every week. Use the the Communities A-Z to find your community site.

If you can’t find your local site, you can register your interest to start one with your community.

After registering, the Storylines team will contact you to walk you through the establishment process. We will work with you to find the relevant local community organisations that can come together to best provide local consultation around stories to be shared.

Never miss a beat

Be the first to hear about the amazing stories being shared in your local community.

Register via the connect link on your community’s local site to receive notification when new stories go live. You can connect to multiple sites to stay in touch with what’s happening from all over the country.

You may also want to download the Storylines App making it easy to keep up to date with new stories and create and publish your own.

Use the Communities A-Z search feature to find your community site. Download the Storylines App from the Google Play and Apple stores

Learn from others and see what works

Looking for inspiration? Use the search stories feature to quickly find stories related to your topic of interest.

Find out what services and programs are having impact and where they are being delivered across Australia.

Use the filter options to drill down to topics of interest or take a look at the local supporters pages on each community site to see the Storylines of each connected supporter.

Teach others, share your story

Start new conversations, introduce different perspectives and inspire others by sharing and celebrating your stories on your community site.

Storylines supports local community members to consult around all content and stories before being approved to be shared publicly. To share your story, contribute your content to your local community site.

Your contributed content will be crafted into a story and posted within your community’s private consultation area by the Storylines team. We will then connect you to your community to have a yarn, seek consultation and have your story approved for publication. Find your community site to contribute your story.

Build deeper connections

Every community site is community led and owned. Every story shared is reviewed by your community’s consultation group prior to publishing, this is what makes Storylines unique.

Consultation is a positive process that enables you to share stories that are culturally accurate and locally accepted.

Consultation is a great way for you to build local relationships, learn from Community and ensure that your work is meeting and achieving the positive outcomes that you are hoping to achieve. Your “Storylines” are a great reflection of genuine understanding and acknowledgement of your stories by Community. To find out more about each community’s consultation team, please see each Community site’s Welcome page or take a look at the Storylines About page.